About Us

ChildcareNashville.com is an online resource of ChildcareTennessee, an initiative of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Launched in 2010, funding was provided in collaboration with the Tennessee Department of Human Services and continues through generous community supporters. The initiative began with a group of twelve child care providers who had the goal of increased childcare program enrollment through a shared services website.

ChildcareNashville.com serves all participants of the childcare community: families, job-seekers and childcare providers. Connecting the need for quality childcare with the knowledge of open enrollment availability, ChildcareNashville.com serves to save time and money for both families and providers. In addition, an active job board keeps quality staff in the classroom.

The program extended to additional childcare providers throughout Tennessee with the launch of ChildcareTennessee.com. This members-only resource is an efficient alternative to the heavy paperwork that dominates the childcare industry. Services save childcare programs administrative time and money, increase revenue and improve overall program quality.

Our Leadership

Within The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee is a dedicated and passionate group of people working tirelessly to connect generosity with need. A unique need was identified in the childcare industry, so The Community Foundation stepped in to unite donors and providers. This enabled the creation of ChildcareNashville.com. Here is our team:

Gina Tek, Program Services Coordinator

321-4939 ext.105;gtek@cfmt.org

Gina is responsible for supporting ChildcareTennessee’s products and helping providers access these products. The products of the initiative include ChildcareTennessee.com, a member-only online provider resource and a public website – ChildcareNashville.com – which efficiently connects parents and job seekers to local childcare centers. Other products include ChildcareTennessee Financial Services, a program providing shared services financial support for tuition billing and management of accounting needs. Prior to joining The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, Gina served as the Director of Children's Christian Center for twenty years. She holds a degree as a Child Development Specialist from The University of Alabama.

Mary Able, Accountant

615-321-4939, ext 141;mable@cfmt.org

Mary has an extensive background in accounting, with the last 10 years working as a business manager of a child development center. She joined ChildcareTennessee in 2015 to share her expertise and promote shared services for childcare centers. Providers can benefit from areas including updated billing and collections policies and streamlining financial procedures. By outsourcing their accounting needs to ChildcareTennessee, the directors are freed to spend more time focusing on the children and developing more ways to improve their programs.